WindowsHow to Turn Off Bluetooth Absolute Volume on Windows 10?

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How to Turn Off Bluetooth Absolute Volume on Windows 10?


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Absolute Volume is one of the best features introduced with the release of the Windows 10 April 2018 update edition 1803. The feature enables the user to use the Volume slide bar for specifically controlling the local Volume of compatible Bluetooth speakers or headphones attached to the device.

Nowadays, some users want to disable the feature of Bluetooth Absolute Volume because it is breaking down the volume control operations that restrict the Bluetooth enabled gadget’s Volume from adjusting it. The scope of modifying the Volume of left or right-hand side speakers is limited now, and thus both the sections of speaker set can’t coordinate with each other and are not able to produce a genuine sound on their sides. In this case, most of the users opts for disabling Bluetooth Absolute Volume on their devices.

Here is how to disable the Bluetooth Absolute Volume directly on your Windows 10 device with ease:

Disabling the Bluetooth Absolute Volume Feature

To control and manage the right and left side audio channels separately, you have to disable this newly introduced feature through two ways:

Registry Editor
Command Prompt
Using Registry Editor to Disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume

One can use this section of Registry Editor to turn off this latest feature directly on Windows 10. It is recommended to export the Registry Editor on your Windows 10 to avoid mishaps through the restoration of keys. To use the Registry Editor on your device, follow these guidelines:

Launch the Taskbar search section on the system display.
Then, type the keywords “regedit” followed by the Enter key.
Hit the Yes tab appears via UAC prompt. Allow by tapping the Continue tab to proceed.
When the Registry Editor page comes into sight, then go to the below-mentioned command:

Then, move rightward and then locate the DWORD entry “DisableAbsoluteVolume.” Then perform a double click on the same.
After that, assign the number “1” as the value data.
Then, hit the OK button to continue.
Reboot the device to turn off Windows 10 Bluetooth Absolute Volume.
Note: in case any time in future, you wish to re-enable the feature, set the value data as “0” and then reboot the device for implementing the modifications that you have made to the system.

Using Command Prompt to Disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume

The process of disabling the Windows 10 Bluetooth Absolute Volume via Command Prompt is very straightforward and precise. Go through with the under -offered instructions to execute the command to do so:

First and foremost, launch the Run dialogue box by tapping two key combinations at one go: Window and R.
Once the Run Dialog appears comes into view, then type “cmd” into the search bar followed by the Enter key to Proceed.
Command Prompt will appear on your device after some time.
Now, you have to enter the command line into the black screen page of the command.
“Reg_add_HKLM/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/Bluetooth/Audio/AVRCP/CT_v _Disable-Absolute-Volume/tREG-DWORD//d1\f.”

Then, tap Enter to execute the path.
Now, reboot the system for the command line to take effect.
In any point in the coming days, you wish to turn on the feature, then enter the under mentioned command into the command page followed by the Enter key:
“Reg_add_HKLM/SYSTEM/Control_Set_001/Control/Bluetooth/Audio/AVRCP/CT/v DisableAbsoluteVolume//t_REG-DWORD//d 0_f.”

To command your device to make changes into the system, restart it and see if the Bluetooth Absolute Volume is changed or not.