SoftwareThe difference of various ice cream cups

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The difference of various ice cream cups


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A sundae is an ice cream made with a delicious sauce and syrup. Ice cream sundae cups can also be topped with sprinkles, nuts, and fruit. It's delicious and cool, but we all know it's not easy to store. Most common ice creams are packaged in plastic bags,ice cream cups with lid for wedding but some instant ice cream concentrates are more suitable for cups with scoops. With the expansion of the market, the types of ice cream cups are also more and more abundant. We've all had cones, sundaes, and ice cream, and especially on a hot summer day, heat and ice cream are always the best pairings.disposable 4oz paper cup with lid But many people are still confused about the difference between these three foods. Today we are going to talk about the difference between ice cream cones and sundaes. Cream ice cream: The ice cream is mainly made of cream. Yogurt ice cream: An ice cream dessert made from yogurt ice cream powder or fruit pulp and made with a yogurt ice cream machine. Enriched with active probiotics to help boost immunity. Now it is very popular in European and American countries, and it is also beginning to be popular in China. Fruit and vegetable ice cream: Soft ice cream made with fresh milk and fresh jam.12oz paper cup with lid Sundae: Soft ice cream made with "mixed ingredients" such as milk, candy, juice, jam, and cream. Strawberry, Cherry, Chocolate, Peach and other flavors. Sundae: All Ice Source Ice. Ice Cream Cone: An ice cream cone with a bottom made of all-purpose flour. Ice cream, in Taiwan, refers to ice cream cones. One hundred is actually one thing.bagasse takeaway food container

Ice cream is made of water, milk, milk powder, cream (or vegetable oil), sugar, etc. as the main raw materials, 100% biodegradable cups and straws adding appropriate amount of food additives, through stirring, sterilization, homogenization, aging, freezing, hardening, and other processes to expand the volume of frozen beverages. Ice cream generally refers to hard ice cream, also known as ice cream. Soft ice cream is called American ice cream.
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Hard Ice Cream: Hard ice cream has an overrun of 80% to 100% and is easy to package and transport. Made in Italy, processed in the factory, frozen, and sold in stores, so it has a hard shape and thicker ice grains inside. Soft ice cream (American ice cream): Soft ice cream will not harden during the production process, the expansion rate is 30%~60%, and it can be used to make ice cream machines for sale. On average, soft ice cream has 1.6 times more nutrients than hard ice cream of the same size; soft ice cream that is not firmed will also be smoother and more mellow. Soft ice cream was invented in the 1930s by J. Lyons and Co. in England.8oz paper cup with lid Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, then a pharmacist at the company, was also involved in the development of the soft-serve ice cream emulsifier. Different storage tools.

Ice cream is soft so it can be served in cones or small containers such as ice cream cones, shakes, sundaes, etc. Ice cream is harder to wrap in paper. Ice cream sundae cups became the exclusive packaging for sundaes and even ice cream. It is usually made of kraft paper.pla coated paper cups A double-layer mask is formed inside and outside the cup body to form double-sided waterproofing, ensuring the waterproofness and hardness of the cup body. Ice cream is only truly delicious in the summer when it's stored properly. Hyde Company provides professional ice cream sundae cup custom design services to meet customer needs with professional technology, as long as you need, you can contact us at any time.